welcome, guest

by guest • 26th May 2014

Again, again, again, again and, always begins, never ends.

big dogs and bath water

by ryan • 24th May 2014

An off-white, vanilla cupcake sweat clung to my cheeks in the too-dim, too-moist, not-quite-clammy-enough-to-leave bathroom. Somewhere closeby (and somewhere faraway), japanese animation monster Studio Ghibli’s ‘Spirited Away’ was drawing to a close; heavy-breathing slouchers everywhere were preparing to one-up Jonathan Ross and make their friends understand that although it might well be “One of The Finest Animated Films Ever Created”, it is in fact still inferior to Nausicaa.

I was maybe the only human being on earth to be actively encouraging a spinal problem by the always dying light of expensive scented candles.

She was submerged in a possibly-grey swill of detergents and perfume at the opposite end of the room, barely visible for the edge of the bath and the impossibly-brown lighting.

“Nineteen houses. nineteen; that’s a lot of houses. Seriously, they’re like ‘we look so well off on paper’…. that must be ace. Imagine that…”, she peeled a stray blonde hair from her damp forehead and tucked it tidily behind her ear.

“Well, I guess.”

“Nineteen! They own Peggie’s [sic] diner too. Seriously — since they bought that place they haven’t changed a thing — they still employ all the old management and all the old staff. He goes in there to check on things like once a week… and debbie; she’s off work every friday so she uses that day to keep on top of the rent and everything. All their houses are round Macaulay. Y’know, all rough; They don’t have direct debits and apparently there are loads of them that don’t pay–”

“They should get a dog…”

“–you know, i mean, they just don’t pay and there’s nothing they can do. They chase them up for it and everything but then they just can’t do anything. more often than not they end up leaving without notice. It must be awful…”

“They should get a big dog…”

“And that’ll solve everything? A dog?”

My face was wet with second hand bath water vapour and the muscles between my shoulder blades burned with the intensity of a halogen lamp.


polite notice: there will be strictly no capital letters or full stops in titles

by ryan • 24th May 2014

How’d you like that numbskulls? Thanks for paying attention. When leaving the train please be sure to take all of your belongings with you. You will never keep me out of Australia (bring it).

time for a video test i suppose

by ryan • 24th May 2014

not a clue.

titles and that

by ryan • 24th May 2014

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hey, this is a post

by ryan • 30th June 2010

Comme Des Garcons Walletand you love it.

test paragraph spacing? you bet. lorem ipsum etc. tupac shakur.

blood and sweat but mostly tears

by ryan • 23rd June 2010

It’s probably a truth that anybody who is not depressed is either evil or stupid so hey, here’s to that.